The perfect social network for comic book fans


Rate this App is a mix between a social network like Facebook and an online store like Steam, but created especially for comic book fans.

From the home page, you can see other users' activity: what they buy, their reviews, what they've read, and any comment they post. Obviously, you can post your comments as well and easily communicate with other users.

The online store, perhaps the most interesting part of, has a good number of comic books for purchase as well as a few completely free ones. The library includes some renowned comic books like Witchblade and The Darkness, as well as less famous titles. The good thing is that you can read them directly from the application without using a separate platform. is a very interesting application for comic book fans. Its catalog doesn't have that many titles, and they are in English only, but comic book fans will still like it.

Requires Adobe Air

Uptodown X